"TRAVEL" COLLECTION - 10 cardboard patterns

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The "Travel collection" contain the 10 following patterns :

These templates are cut by laser in 0.5mm cardboard to ensure maximal precision.

- Passport holder

Measurements: H 13.5 x W 20cm opened, H 13.5 x W 10cm open.

- Notebook cover

Measurements: 9cm x 14cm

- Glasses case

Measurements: 175mm x 75mm x 35mm

- Watch pouch

Measurements: H 6.5  x W14 cm

- Travel walet

Measurements: Open: 244 x 192 ; Closed: 110 x 192

- Bifold wallet II

Measurements: Open: 220mm x 83.5mm ; Closed: 110mm x 83.5mm

- Phone wallet XL

Measurements: 177mm x 90mm

- Coin purse
Measurements:H 80mm x W75mm closed ; H 166mm x W 75mm open.

- Ipad and Ipad mini cases
Ipad mini case measurements: 14.5cm x 22cm
Ipad case measurements: 19cm x 26cm



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