THE BIG leather goods PDF bundle – 60 patterns/196 pages

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👀 Take your leather crafting skills to the next level with our BIG Leather Goods Pattern Bundle! 🔥

🎁 Get all 60 pattern sets, each with a unique video tutorial for easy follow-along. 💻

🤩 With 196 pages of customizable designs, you'll have everything you need to create stunning leather goods with ease. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Check it out now and start creating! 🛍️


To print specific article pages, check the 100% scale and use A4 size paper. Larger bags may require A3 paper. Use normal paper and glue to cardboard or print directly on thick paper.



Holster bag • 8

A practical and light bag to carry the essentials on your shoulder

Tess Backpack • 24

A very elegant backpack for women

Holster bag • 34

A small bag to wear on the shoulder or at the waist.

Zippered pouch • 38

A zippered shoulder bag for women


Card holders three ways • 41

Three small flap card holders made in one piece

Wet molded card holder • 45

A very elegant card holder with flap and loop

Slim card holder • 49

A classic of minimalism

Small wallet • 51

A beautiful bifold card holder

Strap card holder • 55

A variation of the card holder page 45

Wrap wallets • 58

 compilation of 8 wrapped leather card holders, a minimalist and very fashionable design

WALLETS Bifold wallet • 69

The great classic wallet for men

Bifold wallet with coin case • 72

Flap wallet • 77

A small wallet for women with a flap that closes with a snap

Flap wallet for men • 80

A very original wallet with two flaps

Long wallet • 86

A bifold wallet to store lots of cards and cash

Long wallet V2 • 90

Another bifold wallet with a beautiful flap pocket

Long wallet with strap closure • 97

Primitive wallet • 102

A clever design of a super minimalist wallet in a very small size

Strap closure wallet • 104

A feminine wallet with a flap that closes with a strap

Travel wallet • 109

A wallet to carry everything you need to fly

Trifold wallet • 114

Zippered classic wallet • 118

Allowing to carry many cards and with a central partition


Horseshoe coin purse • 125

A very old coin purse design which allows among other things to practice the box stitching

Origami coin purse V1 • 127

A seamless coin purse in the shape of a flower that opens and closes

Origami coin purse V2 • 129

Another coin in a style perhaps more masculine than the V1

Simple coin case • 131

Small and super cute, a very easy to make item

Triangular coin pouch • 134

A conical coin purse that requires no sewing but only a snap

Seamless coin pouch • 136

A seamless item with a very ingenious design that is an excellent hand skiving exercise

WATCH STRAPS Tapered watch straps • 138

A very simple watch strap design in 4 sizes

The pilot watch strap bundle • 143

2 perforated watch band designs each in 8 sizes

Watch strap pro version • 160

Traditional watchband in 4 sizes

Straight watchbands • 165

A simple straight watchband in 8 sizes


Field Notes cover • 173

A cover with pockets and a loop to hold a pencil for a notebook

Glass case • 176

A case with a flap for a pair of glasses

Passport cover • 178

A cover that can also hold a few cards

Pen case • 183

A case with flap for two pens

Pipe pouch • 185

A kit to store a pipe, tobacco and its utensils

Watch pouch • 191

A small case to store a watch when you travel

Zipped pen case • 193

A traditional pencil case with a zip

Cigar case • 195

 A molded case that can hold up to two cigars of ring gauge 50

If you're interested in watch straps alone, you can buy this compilation, which includes exclusively the watch straps available in this bundle.

Versatile strap styles. Easy-to-follow instructions. Download the patterns and watch the video tutorials to start creating stunning watch straps that stand out! 

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