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Save time crafting accurate watch straps with our cutting dies.

Choose from eight sizes to precisely cut the leather material needed for leather watch straps. Achieve professional results easily and quickly.

Opt to purchase a single size or acquire the entire set at a discounted price.

Sizes available: 

Straight straps

  1. 18 mm/18 mm
  2. 19 mm/19 mm
  3. 20 mm/ 20 mm 
  4. 21 mm/22 mm 
  5. 22 mm/22 mm 
  6. 23 mm/ 23 mm 
  7. 24 mm/ 24 mm 
  8. 25 mm/25 mm 

Tapered straps:

  1. 18mm lug width - 16mm buckle width
  2.  19mm lug width - 16mm buckle width
  3. 20mm lug width - 18mm buckle width
  4. 22mm lug width - 20mm buckle width

For all straps above, lengths are:
• 115mm for the long strap
• 75mm for the short strap.

If you need different length, lug width, etc. Contact us, see link below

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