5 useful leather craft tips you must know

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5 useful leather craft tips you must know

Dear leather crafters

In this video I am showing 5 useful tips for leather crafts.

• Tip 1: threading needles

• Tip 2: finishing a stitching

• Tip 3: Water edge finishing (works on veg tanned leather only)

• Tip 4: Making a belt loop

• Tip 5: Cutting a symmetrical template

I hope these tips will help you, don't hesitate to share yours too!

For more videos like this one check out my Youtube channel.

Check our downloadable and acrylic leather craft patterns.

List of tools :

- Affordable leather crafting tool kit 

- Scratch awl

- NT cutter

- Mallet

- Saddler leather hammer

- Crepe eraser to clean products

- Regad electric creasing equipement


  • Hobbit jack

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful information , i think you also share again such nice info , the way of your style for writing blog is very much outstanding .


  • Carlos Bruno

    Sorry but, at the second “tip”, NEVER use your awl in a hole where you already passed a stitch. You run the risk to cut the thread and double your work to finish your finishing.

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