MAKERS SPOTLIGHT #4 : Alexandre Tritz

Alexandre Tritz, leather craftsman, leather works -

MAKERS SPOTLIGHT #4 : Alexandre Tritz

AM-Leathercraft : Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Alexandre Tritz : Born in 1996 I grew up in a French Caribbean island (Martinique) and I also studied at a business school there. I discovered leather craft three years ago in the workshop of my uncle in Germany.  He is a knife maker and makes some simple leather sheathes.

After my studies I moved to Paris. I am also a photographer with 8 years experience, I have been leather working for one and a half years and I make a living from these two activities.

Your skills are really good! Where did you learn the craft?

A.T. : I am self taught, I have mainly learnt from carefully observing pictures of leather goods making processes on Instagram.

Can you tell us about your business?

A.T. : I am exclusively making bespoke and handmade products: cutting, stitching and even skiving. Only splitting is outsourced. I am essentially crafting wallets, belts and watch straps.

How did you build your client base?

A.T. : My customers mostly find me on Instagram or Facebook. Then they contact me by email to discuss the project details (design, leather choice, thread color, etc.). I do not have a shop, I work from home. Sometimes, I meet my customers in person in Paris.

Where do you purchase your raw materials ?

A.T. : I regularly buy leathers from Italy, Germany and of course in France as well. It is not so difficult to find what I need, even in small quantities.

What are your upcoming projects?

A.T. : I am planning to get a skiving machine but wish to keep doing all other steps by hand.

Is there a product type that you wish to make more often ?

A.T. : I would love to make bags, but haven’t had the opportunity yet to do so, I have already made flat pouches but nothing more sophisticated than that. I am currently working on a brief case. I will learn new construction techniques!


Knives made by Alexandre's uncle


Alexandre Tritz Facebook and Instagram page




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