Making a wet molded card holder

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Making a wet molded card holder

Fellow leather craftsmen, 

The video tutorial  at the bottom of this page is showing you how to make a wet molded card holder, in fact, I made a new one, if you are following the Youtube channel you may have seen the first one I did for a similar item but I did carelessly omit to shoot the molding stage, sorry about this indeed (this was one of the first video I made :\)...

I have fixed this mistake by doing a new video tutorial showing how to make another card holder with a new design (hey, I am not going to post twice the same stuff) using the same technique.

I really hope you will find the video useful.

I have also created a new acrylic pattern including the mold which is also made of acrylic and laser cut, it is sturdy and you will be able to use them countless times if you need to... You can purchase it here

Molding leather is a really satisfying process and you can create an infinity of products using this technique once you master it, think about it, what else can you do with this technique? Knife sheaths, cigar cases, phone sleeves, coin purses, camera cases and so on!!! Express your imagination, this is a really enjoyable process!!!





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  • Shirley Malar

    Love your tutorials! The details that you talk about to make a project better are VERY helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill to teach others.

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