Makers Spotlight#2 : Myurâ

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Makers Spotlight#2 : Myurâ

 Mr. Ho Kuan Teck, the founder of Myurâ is a young talented designer and craftsman based in Singapore rewarded twice for his traditionally made but very modern handbags named the “Hourglass” and the “Lemniscate”…

Myura leather good made to measure  

Brief Introduction of yourself and the company:

 AM: Please tell us a bit about yourself, your previous professional experience, where did you learn the trade, how you got into it and your location.

HKT: I come from an embroidery family, I'm a senior 3d artist in the movie and game industry based in Singapore. I mainly learned the craft by disassembling old leather goods, I learned design at school which is also helps a lot in the creation of concepts. I mostly produce made-to-order handbags and small leather goods.

Myura leather good made to measure hourglass bag

Myura leather good made to measure


AM: Tell us about your company, how and when did you get started?

 HKT: Myurâ is a Singapore based, handmade luxury leather goods company founded in 2014. Our main focus is to design and craft made-to-order bags and small leather goods combining tradition and innovation, it is important for us to craft light and durable products.We want each of our goods to be fine luxury pieces meticulously crafted, we truly believe this will contribute to the good reputation we are building for the brand and this require us to go quite slow for now.  

Myura leather good made to measure

 AM: Tell us a bit about the products you make, your making process, the leather you use  any personal preferences?

HKT: For made-to-order requests, we generally invite our customers to have a look at our catalogue or on Instagram to get inspired and see what we are able to make. We also have a range of ready-made products available on our website. Most of the leather we use comes from Italy and some of the exotic ones from south east Asia, one of our favorite is the camouflage pattern we use it a lot on our products.

Myura leather good made to measure

The "Lemniscate" won a design award in Hong Kong

AM: How does the customer get in touch with you? Do you sell through Internet? Do you also have a boutique or/and a distributor?

 HKT: Thanks to the internet we sell our products internationally, but since we are based in Singapore we also have the possibility to meet our customer there before to proceed with an order.

Myura handmade leather goods

AM: What is the craziest/toughest project you had to create for a customer? (picture please if you have one  )

HKT: Our toughest project was our handbag called “Hourglass” (see picture below), this bag can be customized for the client and we spent as long as 6 months from concept to final product.

Myura leather good made to measure

AM: What are your future plans/dreams for the workshop? (new machine acquisition/business partnership/designer collaboration/others…)

 HKT: One of our dream is to open a Myurâ store and we are also interested to collaborate with other designers.

Myura handmade leather goods

 Myura handmade leather goods

 Let’s talk a bit about technique:

AM: What kind of product you have never made yet but wish so hard a customer is requesting to handcraft for him/her?

 HKT: We would love making a girl backpack, we haven’t go the chance to make one yet. Can’t wait to get someone ordering one from us!

AM: Any favorite tool, why? (Picture if possible) 

 HKT: We have no favorite tools; each tool has its own function in the making!

 Leather tools at Myura workshop

AM: In your opinion what is the toughest technique or step in the making of a project? 

 HKT: Making fine and perfect leather goods is a big challenge, I find tricky to choose the appropriate weight of leather for a product.

AM: Your most valuable advice for beginners?

 HKT: Don't rush, work slowly and with passion.

 You will find Myurâ on Instagram and on the website.


Myura handmade camouflage leather pouch






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