Stamping press review

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Stamping press review

Hi there, 

As you know we make custom leather stamps and I am often asked what kind of press I would recommend. 
Most of us are artisans and not having a ton of money to spend. For those working with veg tanned leather and small stamps, a handle and a mallet can do.
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Many of us are also looking for some versatility and need to stamp other types of leather or to stamp logos with gold or silver foil, then, a hot stamping press is needed. 
Affordable stamping press for leather goods


The size of this machine is quite small (14 cm wide, 22.5 cm deep and 36cm high), I imagined it bigger, but after all that's not an issue for most bag, wallet and watch strap makers, I am guessing 3 x 3" stamps will still work on it. So I am totally fine with the size, moreover, it won't take too much space in the workshop.


The machine came with a set of tools and an instruction manual. It was easy to get started, once plugged in, you will only need to attach the handle bar and to adjust the head height to your preference.


The digital display shows the temperature you have set and the actual temperature of the plate, the plate has 2 heating elements and it really doesn't take more than a few minutes before I reached a temperature of 150C. 
The command panel has 4 buttons, one set button, one button to switch between the hundreds, the tens and the units, so you can quickly set the temperature by increments. The 2 other buttons left are for increasing or decreasing the temperature. 
Leather stamping press setting screen



The stamps can be attached with a screw and the bolt of the plate, the screw should be 5mm or smaller otherwise it won't fit, if your stamp doesn't have one or if the thread is too big, don't panic, they also send some thermic adhesive to attach the stamp. We can also make adapters for your guys if you really don't want to use the adhesive solution. 
Thermic adhesive to attach the stamp to the leather press



I have asked the machine to be shipped with silver and gold foil, the supplier is also selling this, don't forget to add it to your order if you need this.

I got great result with the gold foil at 150C with the type of leather I used but you should always make tests on a swatch of leather before stamping your final product. For the silver foil, I really needed to decrease the heat quite a lot to get a nice result, I set it at 90C. 
Those temperatures are just an indication, this could quite vary depending on the type of foil, leather and pressure, so do your own test do find what suits you best. 
Silver and gold foil for leather stamping machine



I was really astonished with the build quality, in general nothing looks cheap on that machine, and, considering the price, I would definitely give it five stars. 
It would suit most most artisans and is certainly robust enough, the size will be good if you are using stamps up to 3 inches wide, so pretty much for anyone.
You can order the machine at one of the link below





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