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Virtuous virtuosos

Benjamin Malatrait, Gauthier Lefébure and Emmanuel Fourault met at chemistry and engineering schools. For the three founders of ICTYOS, the innovative tannery MADE IN LYON, the issue of eco-materials and responsible materials is a priority for the luxury of tomorrow.
Eager to accompany the ecological evolution of precious leathers, they embarked on three intense years of research on the production of ethical marine leathers. Since 2019, they have been organizing with the French agri-food sector a virtuous logistics system to transform skins into real rare leathers with an exotic appearance.
Benjamin Malatrait, Gauthier Lefébure and Emmanuel Fourault founders at Ictyos leather
Salmon, trout, or sturgeon, are in the catalog in different shades and finishes. Fish skin considered by all as a simple smelly waste from the food industry, Ictyos transforms it into a very refined leather that inspires more and more designers!
Squama, Salmon leather tanned by Ictyos Nova, sturgeon leather tanned by Ictyos Luna, trout leather tanned by Ictyos
The high selection standards in the choice of skins, the specific and rare know-how developed over the years, the draconian quality tests to which the leathers are subjected, have allowed the young company to be the only one in the world to satisfy the demanding demand of French and Swiss watch strap manufactures, this already giving it an outstanding reputation in the high-end leather industry!
Watch strap made with trout skin from Ictyos

Tanning based on plant extracts

Remaining concerned about the environment, Ictyos favors the use of plant tannins from roots, fruits or leaves, thus minimizing the impact on deforestation. The advantage of this tanning method, in addition to the non-polluting factor if we compare with the more widely used chromium techniques, is the obtaining of a hypoallergenic leather with a woody fragrance.

Stop the snake charmers!

An excellent alternative to python skin, there are characteristics of texture, thickness and similar possibilities of use, I would add that the python is bred only for its skin and in more than questionable conditions. The use of fish skin in leather goods is still largely unknown, its appearance, the ethics and transparency of Ictyos tannery, will undoubtedly arouse the curiosity of the consumer both refined and concerned about the environment.

Realization of a simple leather goods item in Squama leather | A short video

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