The making of an indispensable...

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The making of an indispensable...

The bi-fold wallet is probably the most common type wallet for men, I bet pretty every men already owned at least one (if not dozens) like this one in their life. It fits in the back pocket of a trouser (this one is only 75mm high) and can carry everything you need without having to bring with you a bag. Don't take me wrong I love carrying a bag with me, but most guys don't like much to carry bags with them all the time and I understand why...

#8 blanchard pricking iron with fil au chinois thread size 432

I have already uploaded in the past a pattern on the website, but felt the necessity to make another one with more pockets and a coin case, in another words a more universal one.

bifold wallet pdf download patterns/leather craft tutorial


This new version takes a bit longer to craft compared to the previous one but remains quite easy to make as no linings nor machinery is required, just basic hand tools, by the way, I have included a list at the end of this post and you could also check my other post on tools.

I have used a thin baby calf veg tanned leather, I love this choice for small leather goods as we are looking for something sturdy but no too thick. As usual I stitched it with linen thread from fil au chinois in size 432 and used a Blanchard #8 pricking irons. You could go for smaller pricking iron and smaller thread but I quite like the authentic look of the fat stitching look gives to the product. Using natural veg tanned leather means the leather is going to age nicely and gain a nice patina... can't wait to see how... I will start using it from today and do another post in a couple of months so your guys can see the difference!


Affordable leather crafting tool kit:
List of tools :
- Scratch awl:
- Diamond shape awl:
- NT cutter:
- Scratch compass:
- Mallet:
- Saddler leather hammer:
- Bees wax:
- Pricking iron:
- Small pliers:
- Crepe eraser to clean products:
- Regad electric creasing equipement:

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