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Fellow leather craftsmen,  The video tutorial  at the bottom of this page is showing you how to make a wet molded card holder, in fact, I made a new one, if you are following the Youtube channel you may have seen the first one I did for a similar item but I did carelessly omit to shoot the molding stage, sorry about this indeed (this was one of the first video I made :\)... I have fixed this mistake by doing a new video tutorial showing how to make another card holder with a new design (hey, I am not going to...

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Hi there! Today I have made a zipper pouch and thought it could be useful to make a video about it to show the zipper corner assembling technique. Positioning correctly the zip is these rounded corners can be very annoying to do when you do not know how to do it.  Hope this video will be helpful to you guys!  The acrylic templates are available in the store and I have included a mold to deal with the zipper assembly. Get them here.Enjoy!

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Dear leather crafters, I have made this short video to explain 3 different stamping techniques, hoping this will be helpful!  Visit our stamp gallery page!

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If you are like me you love carrying around with you note book everywhere you go to note down ideas, sketch your next leather project or simply write things you need to remember. My favorite size for note books is 5.5" x 3.5" as it is not too big and not to small, it can fit in a pocket and is easy to carry in a bag without adding unwanted weight... Since I am always using this size for my books, I thought it would worth it to make a leather cover with something to hold the pen and a few...

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Hi guys,  I am showing you in the video below how to make tubular leather handle. Hope you will enjoy the video, please leave a comment down below if you need some extra advice. Download the free pdf pattern here:   

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